Industry Specific Solutions

Designed to perform across the senior care continuum.

Every senior care provider needs a solid base to build on.
PointClickCare is where you start.

Businesses change. Industries change. Your technology foundation doesn’t have to.

Regardless of whether you’re a Skilled Nursing provider, a Senior Living Community or a CCRC, PointClickCare’s cloud-based platform is designed to support your business.

We proudly support a full spectrum of more than 12,000 senior care providers – from small independent nursing homes to multi-facility assisted living communities and campuses across North America. Regardless of setting, we know care providers share the same goals – but how they get there is slightly different. Each of our clients is unique, yet each is driven to make care delivery better and their business stronger.

Skilled Nursing

PointClickCare’s cloud-based platform delivers a real-time view into your business through integrated tools for clinical-care delivery and revenue-cycle management.

PointClickCare’s person-centered approach enables us to build intuitive, easy-to-use solutions that will enhance the quality of care delivered. We turn data into information you can use to reduce risks, increase compliance and make your business healthier. It’s all about impacting better care for seniors.


The need for quality senior care is increasing as families are demanding more modern approaches to service delivery for their loved ones. New pressures—like payment reform, quality initiatives and the predominance of higher acuity residents—are changing the game of this once hospitality focused business.

Senior-living customers can rely on the PointClickCare platform to manage this unique care setting. With solutions for managing referrals, revenue cycles, dietary and medication management, along with integrated tools to optimize service delivery and billing, you can build a unique value proposition from your services and stand out in a highly competitive market.


PointClickCare can help you get a singular view into your business, a real-time snapshot that integrates your clinical care delivery with your revenue cycle management.

Senior care providers need solutions that are intuitive and easy-to-use – where clinicians can access resident data immediately, to respond faster. It’s about better-decision making. With PointClickCare, you not only can enhance quality of care, you turn data into information you can use — to reduce risk, increase compliance and make your business healthier.



“PointClickCare has changed the way that I work drastically. With the financials, it gives me the opportunity to see how my business is doing. On the clinical side, it gives me the opportunity to see what’s happening, what’s not happening, and what needs to be done.”

Stanley Oden, Administrator
Meridian Care at Grayson


“I value that PointClickCare always strives to keep us updated. Always looking into what the next need is going to be, always considering how it’s going to impact not only the building itself, but how it’s going to impact the lives of our residents.”

Jean McGill, Clinical Services Director
American Baptist Homes of the West


“We’re finding that the more robust PointClickCare becomes, the more efficient we’re getting—freeing up time for us to get our nurses back to the bedside where it’s most important.”

Coral Lindahl, PointClickCare Coordinator
Ebenezer Ridges


“PointClickCare has amazed me with its flexibility and configurability. The ability for us to take what’s given to us and make it our own to meet our own unique needs and requirements, that’s what’s amazing about PointClickCare.”

Richard Tuvell,
Director of Clinical Quality and Informatics
Reliance Senior Care


“If someone that I knew was considering moving over to PointClickCare I would tell them to go for it. It’s very worthwhile because it will help your business grow, it will help your employees be happy, and it will give you the information you need to succeed.”

Sandy Soyke, Corporate Marketing Director
Transitions Healthcare LLC

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